Mountain Grove 1894

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Mountain Grove 1894 - Ml I. It is the "Gem City Ozark Mountains. of...
Ml I. It is the "Gem City Ozark Mountains. of the FRUIT CENTffO.F THIS SECTION, Surrourded by Fertile Lands and Bubbling Springs. - - Inhabited by a Prosperous and Energitic - . People Its Business - Outlook. Mountain Grove, Missouri, is located in the southeast corner of Wright county, on the Kansas City, Springfield Springfield and Memphis railroad, 270 miles Irom Kansas City and 217 miles from Memphis, and is the principal town between Springfield and West Plaius. The town has a population of about 1,700 and is well located as a commercial commercial center, and is in the heart of the Ozark fruit belt. Wright county is situated in Southwest Southwest Missouri and contains 720 square miles, or 400,800 acres, and lies for the most part on the so - called Ozark t mountains, which, however,"are mountains mountains in name only, having an altitude of 1,400 to 1,700 feet above the level of the sea The surface of this county may best be described as a succession of low ridges, narrow valleys, and broad plateau, just rolling enough to drain welL The county is well watered by springs and streams, pure and clear as crystal. The soil of the uplands is mostly a "mulatto" with clay sub - soil, and is well adapted to general farming farming and horticulture, while the - bottoms bottoms are aieh black sandy loam. This is Tn thfe midst of the "Ozark fruit belt," the land of the Big Red Apple." During the past few years thousands of acres of apple trees have been planted, together with all kinds of small fruits, and fruitgrowing is rapidly becoming a great industry in ' this part of the state. The climate p much milder here than in the northern northern part of tli a state, and with a high elevation and pure water affords the most healthful of surroundings. This section of the Ozark mountain region, embracing Wright.Texas and jDouglass counties, first became known to civil xation about the year 1850, but its set tlement and prosperity really dates but little faitber back than inhi when the Kansas City, Springfield and Memphis railroad was built. Twentv vears aeo this whole section was truly a "howlinir wilderness. About the only towns in this vast re Kion at that time were the different county seats, with here and there a ; cross roads country store, such as was then the beautiful city of Mountain Grove, called Mountain Store. With the building of the Kansas City Springfield & Memphis railroad came a tide of immigration from the over crowded East, the blizzard - stricken .North, and from almost every other Quarter of the globe, industrious, in fellieent people who seek to build a home by earnest persevering means. It takes brawn and muscle to clear away the forests and convert the land to man's use, and none the less to make success of mercantile or pro fessional pursuits, Such are the pco trie of Mountain Grove and vicinity. Mountain Grove is a town of marked individuality and its substantial char acter is at once felt by the stranger, The town is full of spirit and progress. intellectual culture and genuine hospitality. hospitality. The educational and religions religions sentiment gives the town a very distinctive aspect. The pride of the town is centered in the Mountain drove academy a model nineteenth century school, conducted by W. II Lyncb, an educator of more than thirty years experience, whose name and fame as a teacher and tireless worker in the cause of education is familiar to the educators of Missouri and surrounding surrounding states. The academy - build - tog is a ree - story brick, furnished with ai the modern educational a p - plianoea. It has six teachers besides the principal, and can accommodate about S00 pupil' There were more than 400 in attendance during the last term, representing nine states and fourteen counties in Missouri. THE CHCHCHE8. Seven denominations worship in Mountain Grove, lour of them own their 'buildings, the Baptibt, Christian, JIctLodlfct Episcopal and iSouth Metho - ' . , - tKCUET SOCIETIES. TLel fasons. J. O. O. F. and K. of P. ItKSIDKXCK OF J. V. Al.I.Ki " - ft - ' - fraternities have well established and prosperous lodges here, the Masons owning one of the handsomest two - story brick temples in this section of Missouri. BUSINESS. Every ch ss of business in the town is in a healthy and prosperous condition, condition, and the cry of hard tin es occupies occupies very little of the spare time of the people. The business transented byi the Kansas City, Springfield ana Memphis Memphis railroad at Mountain Grove for the year 1893, amounted to ' $01,245.87, which shows that the town is a fine trading center. u The following named firms are doing a thriving business: The Mountain Grove Tribune takes the place of thevRepublican and Prospect Prospect and is one of the best equipped offices in Sduthern Missouri. It is a non - partisan pper and stands for the rights of the people at large. W. II. Frye and M. S. Glenn are the enterprising enterprising editors and proprietors and their union adds' great strength and ability to their newsy paper. Their job office is complete with everything necessary to do good work, and those having this kind of work can get it neatly and cheaply done at their office. J. A. Lee it Co. are located on the west side of the square, with a large stock of drugs, patent medicines, paints and oils. Mr. has been located here since "1SS1, and ho can toast of being the oldest dru;,' nun in Wright county. Helflnstino & Son ore located on the east side. of the square, where they do all kinds of contract work, repairing, repairing, etc. L. E. Mustek is the popular post master at Mountain Grove. He is held in high terms by the people at this place, as his extreme courtesy and - po - MASONIC TEMPI. W liteness to them all ii appreciated to the fullest extent. He is also owner of the Musiuk hotel. It Is, with E. L. Shinkle, manager, one of the leading hotels in Southwest MiS' souri, and is the place where the east bound passenger' of the K. C.,F. S. & M. breakfasts. Williams & McClaire are located just east of the public rquare, where they run a nrst - class livery and feed bust ness. S. F. Stone is located on the 60uth side of the square with an excellent barber outfit, and if you want good work well done give him a call an yem will get it. " S. B. Baker is located on the south side of thq square with' 'a 'first class meat shop. Mr. Baker - lias a good trade and he proposes . to keep wha the people want. ' ' , Mrs. J. S. RivU'sls a milliner situat cd on the south shift of the square with a first clans stock. She keeps con stantly on hand sample huts and mil Trenkel it Guenther are dealers in confectionery and toilet articles They also run the city bakery, and their trade is excellent as they believe in beintr well stocked in everything in their line all the time. They are each thorough business men and know no such thing as failure. Their business will compare favorably with any concern in Southwest Missouri. They also do bottling and their trade reach es as far distant as Grandin, West CENTHAL HOTEL. Plains, and many other points equally distant. Allan Sechrist is in the irrocerv bus inesSCand sells (roods at rock bottom prices. Give him a call and get ac quainted, as Mr. Sechrist is one of Mountain Grove s best citizens. C. L. Faulkner is situated in a new X .. brick with the best blacksmith's outfit in Southern Missouri. Mr. Faulkner has been located here during the past seven months and Bays his business is good. lie does excellent work ana ail who patronize him once will come again. He makes a specialty in all kinds of shoeing and horseshoe plating. New jobs built to - order on short notice. sod repairing neatly ana cnespiy done. ' Ksgal brothers are located here and are engagea m me mnuuiictu vi ciea' t They have been here a short time but tbey are doing good work and they have great demand for their goods. William Prophet runs the Lindell Hotel, and is favorably known as he has been a resident of Mountain Grove for many years. Dr. Vi O. Worthier is tbe only den tist in Moun tain Grove, be having been dentist end resident of this p'nce urirj the raa three years, liis f at - i sap : rimtfm aim huh Win - Vi T"'' r mmmm I 1 sr pack m. e. ronago is good and the doctor is well satisfied in Mountain Grove. He is a worthy young man and wins a host of friends wherever he goes. Dr. Worth - ley is also captain of the uniform rank of the Knights of Pythias in this place. Lie says if people want health, money and a host of friends, come to Mountain Mountain Groye. ' , Klawitts & House are headquarters for groceries and summer arinks. They are now located in a new building on the north side of the public square. The Central hotel ia a conveniently arranged bouse, and the traveling public will find good ausoiatnodllions and table well supplied. George W. Boon is located on the north side of the square with a good stock of hardware, farming implements and queens ware. Mr. Boon has been in business here for the last twelve years and during all this business stay in Mountain Grove - his trade has been good, and it might be mentioned in this connection that Mr. Boon has been president of the board of educa TUI3 HIjOCK TO ItE KEPI.ACKD IIV tion of the Motntain Grove academy for several years. 8. T. Talcott, who has been ably as sisted by his wife, Mrs. S. C. Talcott, in tlio publication 01 tne Mountain Prospect . for the past tbiftet - n years in this place, has sold out to Hon. Wm. II. Frye. Heretofore there have been4 two" papers published, bat after this date it will appear in the form of the Mountain Grove Tribune, as Col. Frye and M. S. Glenn have con solidated. Mr. Talcott is a notary public and real estate dealer, and will still continue his prosperous business in the Mountain Prospect office. S. R. Helms is located ou the north side of the square, where he handles boots, shoes, gents' furnishing goods and notions. Mr. Helms has not spent a full year yet in Mountain Grove, but says the people are so extremely cour teous and enterprising that he has con cluded to remain in their midst, and if he had a thousand friends seeking a good location and a pleasant people, he would insist on their inve'stlng in Mountain Grove. Denny & Doughty are the pioneer blacksmiths in Mountain Grove, they having been here" ever since Noah's ark was landed. They are patronized ml LANE DAUOUEHTV, DItfCOIST'? .VSO 3 lixaua I - 1' iduuiuwius SS y IPti. Jl IliA.Lwti'M I I J!l AuMi r - 'LCK ciit iton SOUTH. tor the good quality of their work and the esteem in which they are held by their many friends and acquaintances. The repot tor visited the shop and learned that they had just closed to take in the big show which was being exhibited.. Dr. I. R. Lane is one of the "oldest and - most popular physicians in Mountain Mountain Grove. He owns considerable property in Springfield and has an orchard one mile northeast of Mountain Mountain Grove that contains 18,000 apple trees. Dr. Lane is well and favorably known all over the state. Be helped to build the first sehoolhouse lti Mountain Mountain Grove. ' . Wesley W. Smith, notary public and e'ry attorney, is located on the north side of the square where he does a good business. Mr. Smith has been a resident of M6untain Grove for the past six years and has always found a good demand for his services. ' J. H. Stevens, the popular blacksmith blacksmith and wood workman, was found with drawing knife in hand making A HANDSOME TWO STOliV BIUCK. the shavings fly before him. Mr. Stevens makes everything to be made out of iron and wood. He has been located here for three years, and his reputation as a mechanic is well un derstood by the good people of Moun - taiu'Groye and surrouoding country Mr. htevens and brother, L. J., are running a well drill alstV, and they are averaging one well a week. It is only a matter 01 lime, says Mr. Stevens, when every house in Mountain Grove and neighboring country will be sup plied with an ever - lasting supply of tne best water. t M. A. Rowden is located on the northeast corner of the "public square where he carries .dry. goods, notions and tinware.. Mr. Rowden has been hre three years and has worked up a good trade. , - Harsh barger, - Dyer & Co. are now located in the Masonic building on the southeast corner of the square with a mamtaoth stock of dry goods, boots, shoes and clothing. This firm has been running in Mountain Grove but one month, and they are already get ting a good trade, ibis nrm comes well recommended as being high standing merchants whete they have been for eight years. And no doubt F.lD 4 SC .', OUNERAL MERCII4NDISK. they will reach the untiring avenue of success in this beautiful city, rne popular young mayor, C. M. Mitchell, and Wm. Raney, are two excellent clerks in this emporium. Their extreme extreme politeness to' their customers will win for them large patronage and numerous friends. ' ' The Mountain Grove - Bank does a general banting business, special attention attention givefi to collections. It is in good standing and ever since its first establishment business has grown wonderfully. It has been running since 1888 and its present business will compare favorably with any other concern concern in Southern Missouri. Its able staff is composed of the following gentlemen: gentlemen: Col.CW.Wade.presidentand J. A. Chase cashier. The directors are composed of the following prominent business men, to - wit: Col. - C. W. Wade, J. R. Simmons, W. S. Candler, W. II. Schofleld, W, J. Paden, Joel F. Short and J. A. Chase. Douglass & Wilks are running an excellent hardware, furniture, stoves and tinware business on the east side of the square. They have been in this business for the past four years, and their success during this time has been marked. They keep a .full supply in each department that is here mentioned mentioned and their prices are the lowest ou everything they handle. Edward Adams is the leading photographer photographer in Mountain Grove. He has been located here since January last and bis business has been good from the start. His work is first - class in every respect. He .wishes to express many thanks to nis customers for their past patronage and entertains a grand future success. , He is getting out a line of fancy posings and lightings, which will soon be displayed. He is the highest priced artist in Southwest Missouri, and it is his motive to pro - 1 r T 1 MOUNTAIN GROVE BAXK. duce the best work and thorough satisfaction satisfaction will always command the best of all. Mr. Adams has rrn his favorite business in some of the large cities, and the perfection with which his work is done commends him to any locality. J. M. Cassil is on the south side of the square with books, stationery and periodicals. Those desiring the latest news can get a good supply by visiting his store. Benton & Miller are the popular butchers and packers. ' They keep a good supply of the freshest and best meats to be found in a first class establishment. establishment. Business is good and getting better all the time. They have been established h.ere for the past four years. . J. B. Cassil, photographer, is located on the east side of the square with a splendid outfit with ' w hich to do his work. Mr. Cassil is a youjg man 6f high standing and desires the public to give him a call at his neatly arranged arranged establish inert, that they may have an opportunity to inspect his work. " II. E. Inman, the popular jeweler, keeps coBstantly on hand a fine line of jewelry and clocks. He also handles sewing machines, repairs, bicycles and bicycle repairs. He has been a leading dealer in his line for the past twelve years in Mountain Grove, and his excellent excellent business qualities hold him conspicuously before the people of HOTEL MU8ICK. Mountain Grove, as he does nothing but fair and square dealing with all. His repair department is one of the principal features of his business. He makes a specialty id everything to be repaired m jewelry. r ; J. A. Simson is the only stone cutter in Mountain Grove. He does all kinds of stone cutting and marble work, and ne is me patentee on tne tricycle. He is also justice of the peace. Col. Sim. son ia a wide awake aggressive citizen ana it may ne mentioned that he has been engaged in stone cutting in Mountain Grove for the past ten years. He ia having built to order by the Springfield car foundry, one of the latest improved tricycles and it is pronounced pronounced by every one who has seen the wonderful invention, to be a remarkable remarkable success. So much for the me chanical skill and ingenuity of Mountain Mountain Grove. Hackworth & Quick are headouar - ters for confectioneryand fruits. They aiso give great attention to ' the lunch department. Their ice cream parlor is a model of convenience where is served icecream and summer diinks with great politeness. These gentle men are two of "Mountain Grove's I J - "n cominar business men. They are both quite young, but the courtesies with. ' which one is treated when under their rooi explains tneir success m mo suture. suture. C. F. Myers ia the popular barber who never refuses to please his customers customers and he is now located on the northwest corner of the square in an elegant room built especially for the purpose. His shop Is supplied' with two revolving chairs and latest equipments1 equipments1 throughout. Give him a call and get r. shave or your hair dressed in itrf eftrlA Vitr t.h sUtllnd hand nf me iavtiiu J . t this barber. ; V . ti , n ...i nnn rrti In tilt, mil. linery business on the northwest corner corner of the square where they carry nothing but the latest style of millinery millinery goods. Their line of pattern hata in season is large and the dressmaking department is well attended as they put out nothing but first class work. Merit always wins. 'Candler &Son are dealers in general merchandise and large shippers of produce. Their business is carried on in" two largo business rooms. They have started a new brick store building. Their annual sales run from $75,000 to 8100,000. They employ eight clerks all of whom are kept constantly busy entertaining their numerous customers. customers. How is this for Mountain Grove, Mr. reader? Drs. Lane & Daugherty are the popular popular druggists in Mountain Grove.' Tbey carry an immense stock of drugs and patent medicines. They also carry a complete line of books, stationery and toilet articles. They have just remodeled remodeled the . furniture throughout. Their shelving is all finished in antique style, and it is conveniently arranged with th latest imnroved natents. and in connection to the business already mentioned they carry a large and extensive extensive line of paints and oils. W. H, Schofleld carries' a large and 1 - 1 M 1. n Complete SLOCK Ol KCjicrai moreuu - dise such as dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, hats caps, trunks, valises, etc, and in all of these lines he is well stocked with the latest manufacture of goods. Mr. Schofield has been a resident of Wright county for the past twentv - eio - ht vears. and five years aso he removed to Mountain Grove where he now lives. Three years ago he built the north nail of theupc block, and movedfcinto the first floor of the building where he is now ready to supply the good people of Mountain. Grove and surrounding country with everything in his line at prices to suit all. The Mountain Grove Plaining Mill aad - Lumber company are the most complete concerns in this part of the country, There are fifteen machines being operated and they do all kinds . of schroll, turned and ornamental work; they make to order doors, windows, windows, window blinds and, in fact, everything to be made in a first clas plaining mill. Mr. Williams began the i t i i ii a 1. 1 . i . i t - i JSEP1DEXCR OF W. 9. CAN'II.ER. plaining business about nine years ago in Mountain Grove with a small plant, anil hia Tiiifiinnca line mifaMirl an rnntd ' - " - - w " Iv that he has been cnmnelled to nur - chase and operate one of the finest plants in Southwest Missouri. The plant is worm cn.uuo. ms lumoer business in connection with the plaining plaining mill is well worth mention, as his traae reacnes as lar away as Lebanon . and other points equally distant from Mountain Grove. He handles all the lumber that four mills cut in the pine - . ries south of Mountain Grove. He also handles extensively lumber from off the Current River branch. Dr. J. M. Hubbard is one of the oldest practioners in Southwest Mis souri, he having pursued bis favorite profession in Mountain Grove for the past twenty years, and it might be . i : j i .i t - . . . . . doctor was one of Prof. Lynch's first pupils of more than thirty years ago. Samuel Russell keeps a well supplied supplied grocery store near the depot, and has a good assortment of goods. He is one of Mountain .Grove's oldest and best citizens. Charles Ciszewskl Divine, healer, is an old resident of this place, and when you have lormed his acquaintance once you can never forget him, as bis extreme extreme politeness and friendly nature is always enticing to everyone. C. F. Evans is the able attorney at this place. ' He has been located here since March last, and . the generosity sou euwrGrisuiK uuaiitieg ui tne people people caused him to locate permanently. He came from Central Illinois, at which place he practiced his profession profession for a number of years. C. M. Mitchell, the popular mayor of Mouutain Grove, is a young and enterprising enterprising gentleman. He is one of the youngest mayors in the state, and is making an excellent officer. J. H. Livingston is the popular ticket ticket agent at this place. He is one of the most accommodating and efficient agents on the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis, railroad. He is , also a member of the board of aldermen. Star Roller Mills are located a few paces west of the depot. Ihis plant is a model of convenience from start to finish. The reporter was shown through all,the departments byR.B. Shaffer, . manager in charge, and a beautiful sight was presented in all of them as the machinery is so constrnct - edthatthe geariDj is separate and

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